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I believe in “mothering the mother”!

  • In a healthy woman, pregnancy is not a medical condition; it is a normal physiological body function. Most healthy women can enjoy birth out of the hospital.
  • Birth can be the most transformative, empowering moment of you and your partner’s lives.
  • Unnecessary interventions can interfere with the primal birthing instinct, altering important emotional and physical aspects of your birth. They can stall, complicate and necessitate further interventions, spiraling into an unwanted C-section. Unnecessary or disrespectful interventions can also create lasting emotional trauma for mother and baby.
  • I believe in easing your little one into this world, into a quiet, loving, respectful environment.

My Background

As a young girl, my favorite toy was my nurse’s kit.  I was fascinated by birth and wanted to help women deliver their babies. I can remember, at nine yrs old, wishing my mother’s pregnant friends would go into labor at our house so I could deliver that baby!  And, even at that tender age, I was confident I could do it, and make the experience calm and supportive for the mother!

Years later I married and had 3 children of my own, giving birth naturally using the traditional Lamaze method in a hospital. This transformed me, progressively reigniting my passion to help other women with each birth. I acted as doula occasionally through the years, still pulled by birth, but focused at the time on raising my family, and other career choices.  Finally, pursuing midwifery after my children left “the nest” was the realization of a life-long dream. The decision was easy, the work to get there was challenging, but extremely rewarding.

During my training, I interned with many midwives in a variety of settings, including my own sister, Michele Fitzgerald in Austin, whose 35+ yrs. of experience was an invaluable mentorship.  It’s a special joy to share a birth with her.

Working with a diverse group of midwives, I observed each of their special talents and learned the best from each of them to utilize in my practice. I still work with some of these wonderful midwives, and you will have the pleasure of one of them assisting at your birth. You’ll have the combined experience and knowledge of two midwives!

Every birth fills me with joy, wonder and gratitude.  I am humbled and honored to be called into this incredible profession.

I’m a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife), LM (licensed in the State Of Texas),  NNR and CPR trained every 2yrs, and continue to learn with CEU’s,  conferences, workshops, avid reader and birth junkie!


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My core belief is that birth is a pivotal moment in a woman’s life and the way a woman chooses to deliver her baby can have an impact on her emotional well being.  My goal is to work closely with women and families guiding them through the many choices of the childbearing year.

My journey to become a midwife began 17 years ago with the birth of my first child. I began working as a Doula serving many families in the DFW area along with working at two busy birth centers as a birth/postpartum assistant to CNM’s.  In 2008 I enrolled in college with an ultimate goal of becoming a CNM. Upon completion of all required prerequisites I realized nursing was not my heart calling and enrolled with Association of Texas midwives to complete my education of becoming a Licensed Midwife.

I am certified in Neonatal Resuscitation as well as a CPR instructor. I am a member of Association of Texas Midwives and very active in the birth community working closely with multiple care providers.

As a mother to 4 children I understand how important birth impacts our life. I strive to educate and empower women to trust birth and the natural forces behind it.

About Me

About Me

I am a Certified Professional Midwife and Licensed Midwife based in Mansfield, TX. I serve families in Ft. Worth, Dallas, and surrounding areas.

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