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What People Are Saying About Lisa

“I could not have had the birth I envisioned without Lisa’s help. She encouraged and supported me throughout the prenatal period and postpartum. She’s very knowledgeable and curious to learn more. She seems to have a fire in her for birth. I always felt very safe and comfortable in her care.” – Donna Churchen

“Although Lisa has an encyclopedic knowledge about birth, she always spoke in an easy-going and friendly manner to help me understand my options and risk factors. Her sweet personality, calm demeanor and professional manner made me very comfortable. She helped me to have the natural birth I wanted. I will definitely have her as my midwife for my next child.” – Mira Mann

“As a father, I felt removed from the pregnancy and birth process until we hired Lisa Riell. She took the time to include me, teach me about birth, and how I could help my wife during labor. I was so glad to get to contribute to my wife’s comfort and understand the whole process. I went from dread to excitement. Her spirit and knowledge embodies everything a midwife should be.” – Jacob Mitchell

I met Lisa when giving birth to my second child. Because my midwife happened to have another client in labor in another room, Lisa (as an intern midwife) was the one that helped and comforted me during my long labor. I really like her nice and gentle personality. So I asked her again to be my midwife for my third child. She is a sweet person and cared for my health during my pregnancy. She made me comfortable without even being asked. She always did her best to help me and my baby.” – Christine Mutiara